Testimonials - Feel Free to leave your own in the comments box below

'Ding is a genius' - Mark E Smith

'Ding is a magician. He works REALLY FAST and has always achieved exceptional results for

Spess. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.' - Ed Spess.

'Great place to get some work done - good live space - cool location + the engineer is a wiz.'  Martin Bramah (Factory Star)- via Face book

'I dont think theres  a better studio or tech goin as soon

 as i get the chance ill be in there tony' Tony Auton

'Just wanted to a huge thank you for the stellar job you've done with

our latest recordings.

 Everybody has commented on how powerful and polished it sounds...

We honestly couldn't be happier with it...' Metonia

'Thanks very much Ding, we're all really pleased with our ep.

If any bands reading this are lookin for somewhere to record 6db is the place,

its a quality studio and Ding really knows what he's doin. Drink and Drive - via myspace

'Just thought you'd like to know that Steve Lamacq (who has obviously got great taste) is playing his top 60 records of the moment next WEDNESDAY 5TH NOVEMBER BETWEEN 9PM-10PM and has decided that our track 'A Hero For Our Times' is worthy of play on BBC Radio 1. Must have been your magical production skills.' The Audibles

'Cheers for your hard work last week.

We are all very happy with our demo' Precinct

'Hey Ding! Thanks for the great sounding tracks, everyone here in NYC

thinks your recordings sound AMAZING!' Slim Francis


'Meant to send you a message the other day pal, must of forgot.

Just wanted to say thanks for the tracks pal, we love them.

Getting plenty of plays on our myspace. cheers again dude.

hope everythings well' KAIHORRO


'Hey good lookin' Thanks for today and yesterday, the EP sounds fuckin' amazing!

We'll probably have some kind of studio video up in the near future..

But yeah, thanks a trillion. x' The Technical (Yep)

'Yo Ding nice one for the last three days, hope we get to see ya again

 in the summer for sum more kick ass tunes *and hopefully the pub will

 be open dis time lol :P cya around mate, and to everyone out there

 this guy is the man you want for making your tunes sound like god

gona piss himself coz thats how fukin gud he is!' Above the Waves

If you need your work recording/producing/engineering or mastering then 6DB is the place

you want to be in, 1st class treatment and genuine advice given to all, results for me from

using 6DB include " England's Heartbeat " Jenny Shuttleworth/Mark.E.Smith. " Smith & Blaney

 " 2 albums+ 3 singles. " Destiny " Girl Peculiar + Debut album, all recieving national radio

plays and brilliant reviews in Classic Rock mag- Daily Mirror- Clash mag , etc etc.

I wouldnt use anyone else. Ding is on the ball 24/7! Ed Blaney