I used to run this type of deal at the old premises and it was pretty popular. What I can offer now from here is a much better quality end result.

Bring your band in for a rehearsal session in the live room  …. give me 30-45 mins before you start to connect up whatever mics are needed I will multitrack your rehearsal.


There is a house drum kit aavailable [bring cymbals/snare/bd pedal] & a bass rig, as well a vocal P.A that can handle up to 8 mics. Guitar amps can be hired at an extra £10 [Marshall / Orange]


You can take home a CD on the night of a quick board mix, going through one of my collection of preset plugin setups to give a full and live mix of your material or you can opt to leave it with me for a day or two and receive a more produced and tidied up end product [max 12 songs]. I'm also offering the further option of having the band come back in for a 2nd day of mixing and producing the tracks to your specific tastes and desires.


Getting a detailed recording of your rehearsal performances can prove to be a very useful exersize for a band, allowing you to clearly examine everyones parts and get a better understanding of your songs and their structures. They can be especially useful if you are expecting a line-up change and are more than usable as a demo for securing gigs or playing to anyone showing an interest in your music.

The big advantage of doing it here is that your recordings would be taken through the new high end collection of Mic Pre-Amps that we have installed here. I’m a great believer of getting the sound right from the micing up stage being key to getting a good recording & mix. With the mic pres that are now in place the sonic quality is excellent and the raw audio files sound great on immediate playback.

This is the collection that are in place, with further desk mic inputs allowing me to record up to a maximum of 24 simultaneous tracks on this type of project - 2 x NEVE 8801 channel strips - 4 x Trident 80 Mic Pres/ 2 with EQ - 4 Focusrite ISA Pres - 4 API [clone] pres; - 2 Apex Tube Pres - 2 TLA Tube Pres


Pricing is based on a 5 hour rehearsal/recording slot - the first hour dedicated to setting up.

Recorded rehearsal with quick mix at the end - £120

Recorded rehearsal with one full day unattended mixing - £250

Recorded rehearsal with one full day unattended mixing and one full day attended mixing - £400

Stem files prepared and made universally loadable - £50 [ copied to your hard drive ]


To make a booking/enquiry  call Ding on 07990 856196 or email [email protected]





Come and record & mix up to 4 songs over two days studio time at a budget price

Ideally viewed as one day of recording and one day of mixing this deal will provide your band with recordings of a radio playable standard that are ideal

for providing product to sell at gigs or sending to industry organisations to get some recognition.

Basic mastering is included in the package.

A studio day is up to 10 hours long.

A CD is provided for each band member, MP3s created and WAV files emailed to requested addresses.




Stem files prepared and provided for a small extra fee

For more complete results, extra time can be added to conduct more thorough editing and mixing to your music


2 Day 4 Song deal - £375 [with stems £400]

Further enquiries/bookings 07990 856196 or email [email protected]




Single track mastering @ £20 per track